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Tricia's Parents

Adin MORE 1915 - 1970


Margaret Adelaide MACDOUGALL 1919 – 1970


Daniel (know as Adin) MORE, son of Daniel Campbell MORE (1879-1949) and Annie Cormack JOHNSTON (1883-1940), was born on 11 February 1915 in the family home of Netherby, Northcote Street, Wick, Caithness, Scotland.

"Extract of entry Birth Certificate".  1915 Wick 043 57B.  Cit. Date: 3 March 1915. Text From Source: Daniel More born 3h 15m at Netherby Northcote Street Wick, to Daniel More Fishcurer and Annie Johnston who married 1907 April 26th Wick. Informant Daniel More Father

He was educated at Edinburgh University BSc Hons Electrical Engineering. He was appointed Electrical Engineer Manager of North of Scotland Electricity Board based in Wick - from leaving University until 1956 app. 

Margaret Adelaide MACDOUGALL, daughter of John MACDOUGALL Rev (1887-1959) and Rose Adelaide SULLIVAN (1879-1967), was born on 19 September 1919 in family home of The Manse Wick, Caithness, Scotland. She moved in 1928 to Edinburgh and was educated at George Watson’s Ladies College and Edinburgh University.

Adin and Margaret married on 12 April 1944 in St Michaels Parish Church, Merchiston, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland.   This was the Parish Church of Margaret’s father Rev John MacDougall.

“Marriage Record".  685/ 227 Haymarket, Edinburgh. Text From Source:" Married by Charles Lang Warr EVO DD LLD Minister of St Giles Edinburgh. Marriage Witness Margaret Miller McIntosh, 96 Coniston Drive, Edinburgh. Witness Robert MacDonald, 10 Mariscat Road Glasgow. Residence for Adin was Kirk House, Miller Avenue,Wick (Electrical Engineer). Residence for Margaret was The Manse, 9 Merchiston Gardens, Edinburgh.(Chemist's Dispenser)."

They had the three children Brian, Patricia and Angus:

The Family moved from Wick to Edinburgh in 1958. Margaret and Adin died in 1970 in Edinburgh.